Choke Cherry Trail UT

We visit Choke Cherry Point Rd., in UT, in the Dixie National Forest.

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The road does not offer much in the way of challenges;
however, the view from the top is spectacular.

We start on Rt 12 just north of Boulder town CO. As soon as we leave the pavement we start to head up hill. The trail consists of mainly grapefruit sized rocks. This is where airing down really improves the comfort of the ride, the added traction is not needed as much as smoothing the ride out. It wasn't until much later in the trail that I needed to use four-wheel-drive ( so I could go slower over the rocks - not for traction).

When you get to the path that leads to the lookout,  it's not very far to the lookout, maybe 300 feet.  The view is well worth the hike.

Back on the trail, it isn't long before we start to run into snowdrifts, one of which is long enough and deep enough to require winching to get out. As I continue up the trail the snowdrifts become more numerous and larger.   I finally decide to quit and head back down.  Before I end up waiting for the summer thaw.

For some reason the return trip always takes much less time than getting there. Once back to the pavement I headed North on Route 12.


N 38.135229  W 111.327136    Start of Road

N 38.135903  W 111.352127    Foot path to lookout

N 38.138385  W 111.370209    Jct ( I went right)

N 38.142474  W 111.381216    Stuck in snow

The NO NEW ROAD Initiatives not only prevent new roads  and prevents commercial use of public lands, it also closes                         existing roads.  If a tree hugger can't drive their Volvo down the road, they want it closed,                                                                               so YOU can't get to Your  public land.

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