Holy Cross Trail CO

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 Holy Cross Trail           The trail is south west of Vail CO.

To find the trailhead we start in Vail CO.

The Start of Holy Cross

A good part of Holy Cross Trail

The Better part of Holy Cross Trail!

Camp Robber aptly named for it will steal the food out of your hand

The trail starts at the parking lot and it immediately becomes a rocky affair.  There is very little mud on this trail. Before you reach Holy Cross City, the hardest part is just after you cross the stream.  The rocks are very large. The picture (The Better Part) doesn't do the obstacle justice. After you pass Holy Cross City, if you take the right fork, in about a quarter of a mile, you'll come to the best part! The host Jeep club of this trail embedded winching rings into the rocks on this part of the trail. This part of the trail is for experts and expertly equipped vehicles only!!  It is real easy to not only break the vehicle but to injure yourself!!


To find the trailhead we start in Vail CO

Directions                                 GPS coordinates

West on I70 South onto route 6, (Dowds Junction)

Go approximately 12.8 miles and turn right onto Gold Park road.

After 7.2 miles you'll find a parking area on the right this is the start of the trail, air down and disconnect the sway bars.

Shortcut joins the trail

Holy Cross  City

N39.60843 W106.44786

N39.47448 W106.36165

N39.47896 W106.36433

N39.40982 W106.45512

N39.41539 W106.47907

Of the over 100 buildings that once where part of the thriving mining community this is the sole survivor.

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